E-marketing – Lessons Learned…or Not?

We all know that there are those brands who just sell stuff in order to reach the bottom line and then there are those who just go above and beyond, they just get it, I mean they REALLY get it. So, what’s their secret? What makes them so different from the rest…it’s a no brainer and it’s very simple… EMOTIONS!!!

Think about the most memorable marketing campaigns from brands such as Coca-Cola’s Friendship Machine which made friends get together to celebrate their day.

Who would not want to share a Coke after seeing that video, just the mere thought of the brand I immediately think HAPPINESS and I think being surrounded by friends and family.

One of my all time favorites is Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign. I first saw it on the Oprah Winfrey Show a few years ago. I have always been an Oprah fan and everybody knows once your brand receives the Oprah Winfrey stamp of approval, life will never be the same =)

Dove Real Beauty

Then I came across this powerful and compelling video last year and I can say that I was sold, right there and then. When Prof showed us the video in our lecture last semester, again, I was deeply touched and at the same time I gained deeper insight into what Dove stands for as a brand.

So what is it about Dove? What makes the brand so special? Well, as I mentioned earlier, EMOTIONS! EMOTIONS! EMOTIONS! The campaign initiated a global conversation by challenging beauty stereotypes and how women view themselves. There is no doubt that such tremendous success could not be achieved without a genius digital marketing strategy. The video received 64,553,727 views, imagine that!!!

Those endless e-marketing tutorial assignments, lectures, a very interesting project and oh…my first blogging experience (Thanks Steph Houslay & Nicola Pallitt for pushing me out of my comfort zone), have helped me gain a deeper understanding of the world of digital marketing. For instance, Stokes & the Minds of Quirk have taught me that in order to have an effective marketing strategy such as that of the Dove campaign, strategists need to fully comprehend the context in which the brand operates. This will help them make well-informed decisions about how to promote the brand.   As a strategist you would have to understand exactly what the brand stands for, the emotions as well as the benefits that consumers associate with the brand (de Haas, 2014)

Here’s the link to de Haas’ very informative reporthttp://www.accenture.com/za-en/landing-pages/global-ceo-en/Pages/home.aspx.

Essentially, you need to fully comprehend what makes your brand unique and your consumer journey. This is important because your brand needs to reach customers with the relevant message and at the right stage of the journey.


Furthermore, with all the choices provided by the existence of different social media platforms, I have learned that it is very important for brands to know where they spend their precious time. So, it’s all about testing what works in terms of engagement. At the same time, it is important for brands to share valuable content if they want to capture the attention of their target audience, (thank you Jonathan Gluckman for that lesson). Essentially, it’s about connecting with your audience, creating awareness, creating space for consumer engagement and providing an interactive experience.


I can say it’s been a great learning journey & I am hungry for more. For instance, the whole process of data analytics is still a bit fuzzy to me, I am yet to get my head wrapped around this aspect of e-marketing. Tutorials on the other hand, lacked in terms of engagement. I really wish we could have used the time to engage more with the material, hopefully this will change in the future.


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