Cravendale’s Genius Use of Social Media!!!!

So, according to Cravendale, if you are serious about your milk, then Cravendale is the milk for you and you will definitely lose your head over it, just like Barry the biscuit boy. In order to get this message across, Cravendale’s target audience had to include those young, socially savvy online consumers who enjoy having a glass of milk and dunking their biscuits in it.

In order to communicate this message, Cravendale has its own active website which conveniently allows users to access social networking sites. Cravendale is using different social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in order to increase brand awareness as well as engage with the target audience. Cravendale currently has 14,759 followers on Twitter and 183,185 likes on Facebook and the above video has received 194,902 views so far. In order to encourage engagement between the brand and its followers, Cravendale is making use of competitions through Facebook and Twitter. For instance, followers on Twitter are asked to retweet and on Facebook are asked to simply like and comment to qualify for the prize draw. Check it out:

So far and based only on this competition, Cravendale has received 305 comments, 29 shares and 342 likes on Facebook. This means that people are talking about Cravendale which increases brand awareness. Furthermore, consumers are posting pictures of themselves having a Cravendale experience. Check this out:

In addition, a sense of humor goes a long way. Cravendale embodies a sense of humor in its marketing campaigns.  Just check out the ‘If Cats had Thumbs’ video (the video received 7,607,770 views).  This helps attract their target audience and encourage sharing and engaging with the content.  This has made Cravendale successful in their advertising and increasing awareness.

Even though this is a genius strategy, Cravendale has to be aware of some negative aspects of social media.  For instance, the message may be distorted and lost in terms of how it is perceived by the audience.  As of consequence, it may have a negative impact on the brand.   Nevertheless, the use of social media has allowed Cravendale to view unlimited real-time commentary, instantly update the content and interact with the audience.  Essentially, social media has allowed Cravendale to build a community around the brand.


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